RECHARGEABLE Battery Videx Li-ion VLF-B12 1200mAh

RECHARGEABLE Battery Videx Li-ion VLF-B12 1200mAh

  • EAN:
  • Housing colour:
    Black, Orange
  • Battery type:
    Li-ion VLF-B12
  • Battery voltage:
    3.7 V
  • Battery capacity:
    1200 mAh
  • Battery repleceable:
    • Warranty:
      1 years
    • Height:
      44 mm
    • Width:
      31 mm
    • Depth:
      11 mm
    • Outer box:
      12 pcs.
    • Compatible:
      VLF-H075C, VLF-H055D
    • Unit nett weight:
    • In the package:
      1 pc.
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Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries Videx VLF-B12 - specially developed and intended as a power supply for headlamps from TM Videx. Used in the following lantern models - VLF-H055D and VLF-H075C. When going on a long-term hike or long-distance cycling trip, you will definitely need an additional power source for your flashlight, so we recommend having a couple of spares at your disposal.

The built-in triple system of protection against short circuit, overheating, overcharging and overdischarge, implemented by equipping the battery with a thermal fuse and a special protective board (for devices without its own protective board).

When the maximum permissible temperature is reached, the thermal fuse opens the load circuit, preventing further overheating of the battery. It serves to break the load circuit when the minimum or maximum value of the battery voltage is reached, thus making it impossible to recharge or over-discharge it.

It looks like a rectangular shape in a convenient and reliably protected from moisture blister pack. For convenience, the battery itself is marked with polarity tips for correct use, which will save time when replacing it.

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