Portable solar charger VIDEX VSO-F505U 5W

Portable solar charger VIDEX VSO-F505U 5W

  • EAN:
  • Maximum power:
    5 W
  • Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp):
    5.3 V
  • Maximum Power Current (Imp):
  • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc):
    6.3 V
  • Short Circuit Current (Isc):
    • Output ports:
      1 USB
    • Ingress protection:
    • Warranty:
      2 years
    • Housing material:
      Mono + ETFE
    • Height:
      252 mm
    • Width:
      155 mm
    • Depth:
      14 mm
    • Outer box:
      28 pcs.
    • Unit nett weight:
    • In the package:
      1 pc.
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A lightweight, portable solar charger that can convert sunlight into electricity for immediate production of low-cost renewable energy. It can charge a variety of devises, such as mobile phone, tablet, power bank etc. This product cannot charge laptops. 

The set includes a USB cable 1m long with various outputs (Type-C, Micro USB, Lightning) for charging your gadgets, as well as two carabiners for convenient panel fixation.


  • High quality lamination structure grants outstanding waterproof of the panel. However please avoid water penetrate into the output ports.
  • Embossed surface, making the panel more durable and improving light absorbance by 5%.
  • Built-in USB regulator system making the output stable and safe.


Charging electronic devises.

Unfold the solar panel under direct sunlight for 5 seconds. A red light indicates that sunlight has begun to be converted into electric power. Connect solar charger with the electronic device through power output cable. The charging signal will be shown on your electronic device.

It is recommended to place the panel perpendicular to the sun rays in order to expose maximum performance.


!!! Before using, please carefully read and follow the instructions. Misusage may cause the solar panel generates excessive heat, rupture, smoke, fire and other dangerous situation; and the solar charger performance will be compromised.

  1. Do not expose sharp or blunt objects to the panel to avoid damaging and scratching the solar panel.
  2. Please avoid excessive light exposure for long time storage.
  3. Avoid placing in the high temperature (>70 ℃), humidity, and corrosive environments.
  4. Do not reverse charging to the solar charger to avoid damage to the internal circuit.
  5. Do not put the product in fire.
  6. When charging, do not block any part of the solar panel.
  7. Do not try to separate the solar panel into separate parts.
  8. Do not open, alter, reassemble, drop, shake, or band the solar connector. Do not short circuit the USB output polar contacts.
  9. Do not bend the photocell of the solar panel.
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