LED Solar Floodlight VIDEX 30W 5000K

LED Solar Floodlight VIDEX 30W 5000K

  • EAN:
  • Battery power:
    100 W
  • Useful luminous flux of the light source (Φuse):
    2800 Lm
  • Correlated color temperature:
    5000K (neutral white)
  • Beam angle:
  • Place of installation :
    Flat surface, Wall
    • Vertical adjustment range:
    • Place of application:
    • Cable length:
      1 m
    • Power factor (PF):
    • Color rendering index (CRI):
      Ra > 80
    • Lifetime:
      30000 h
    • On/Off cycles:
    • Housing colour:
    • Impact protection:
    • Electric shock protection class:
    • Minimum distance from the illuminated object:
      0.5 m
    • Diffuser material:
    • Diffuser type:
    • Motion sensor:
    • Operating temperature range:
      -20° +50°C
    • Dimmable:
    • Solar panel voltage:
      6 V
    • Solar panel power:
      25 W
    • Light source replaceable:
    • Battery type:
    • Battery voltage:
      3.2 V
    • Battery capacity:
      30000 mAh
    • Battery repleceable:
    • Full charge time:
      5-8 h
    • Full discharge time:
      ≤ 12 h
    • Mercury content:
      Does not contain
    • Ingress protection:
    • Warranty:
      2 years
    • Housing material:
      Aluminum alloy
    • Height:
      282 mm
    • Width:
      250 mm
    • Depth:
      42 mm
    • Outer box:
      3 pcs.
    • Unit nett weight:
    • In the package:
      1 pc.
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LED Solar Floodlight VIDEX 30W 5000K is an autonomous lighting system consisting of a solar panel and an LED floodlight. The system does not need to be connected to the mains to work, but works by converting sunlight into energy to power the floodlight. Energy is stored in the battery, which is built into the body of the floodlight. Using this product, you will be completely independent of problems with possible power outages at home or in the country, because the battery is charged during daylight, after which the spotlight can work autonomously for up to 12 hours. The floodlight is protected from environmental influences such as rain, snow, dirt and mechanical damage. The housing of the floodlight is made of aluminum alloy, covered with a special rough layer that is difficult to scratch or damage. The wide operating temperature range does not limit you in using the system at any season. The cable is 1 meter long. The cable contacts are covered with a thin layer of technical gold, which prevents their oxidation for a long time and preserves the efficiency of energy transfer. With the included remote control, you can adjust the brightness and set various operating modes, such as:

1. "Auto" mode - the main mode. The lighting turns on after dark. The system independently adjusts the optimal brightness till the morning.

2. Timers. The lights turn on after dark and turn off automatically after 3/5/8 hours.

The floodlight remembers the previous settings and applies them the next time you turn it on.

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