Bedroom LED lighting ideas

The bedroom should be the calmest, comfortable and at the same time romantic room in the house. Properly selected light plays a significant role in this. The best solution, in this case, will be to install the LED lighting in the bedroom. LED light is more pleasing to the eye, more economical than conventional, and lighting devices are more functional and perform more tasks.

Bedroom LED Decor

There are several constructive options for using LEDs in bedroom decor.

  1. Spotlights: ensure the most even distribution of light; able to focus on various elements of the room; provide a greater range of brightness and light range. In addition, like traditional lamps, they are made in swivel and non-swivel modifications. The installation location can be any - ceiling, wall, floor, furniture, etc.
  2. LED bedroom strip: they have original design and create an unusual interior; often performed in different colors, including combinations of white, yellow, red, purple and other shades in one ribbon.
  3. Light panels: they have beautiful illumination from within and various geometric shapes - most often square or rounded. The design is relatively simple, which leads to their predominant use in the styles of "minimalism" and "hi-tech".
  4. Chandeliers: original solutions are rarely found due to the relatively high cost and problems with self-replacement of individual elements in case of failure.

LED lighting around the bed

The organization of general and also local light sources is very significant even for miniature bedrooms with an area of ​​6-8 squares. This will help you comfortably read a book, sit with a laptop or do other things, illuminating only a small working area. 

As a solution, interior designers recommend:

  • LED nightlights;
  • bedside sconces;
  • trendy pendant lamps;
  • small lamps for installation on bedside tables.

Also, the suspensions, LED strips or point rotary models can be used.

Important! The light source should not be in the line of sight and should be installed only above, on the side or behind. The optimal distance from the bedside table is 50 cm, above the headboard - about 1 m.

Lighting around the room

Light around the room is designed to play the role of an unusual element of decor. It’s very easy to organize with the help of LEDs:

  • accentuation of interior details on the walls;
  • illumination of pictures, flowerpots;
  • original plexus of rays in the form of a pattern - patterned shadows, starry sky;
  • visual separation of zones with LED strips.

Bedroom lamps and their selection rules

In the room for sleep and rest, light sources with a brightness of more than 5000K are not recommended. Such a "cold" light flux activates brain activity and can cause insomnia.

Diodes with a "warm" brightness flux of about 3000K are more suitable for the bedroom. For those who are uncomfortable with the spectrum shifting to the "yellow" light, you can opt for an intermediate option - 4000K.

Why is LED light so popular?

The main reasons for the demand for such lighting are:

  • resistance of LEDs to voltage drops;
  • efficiency of energy consumption is ten times higher than that of traditional lamps;
  • operational safety due to the absence of harmful materials;
  • long service life up to 100 thousand hours;
  • absence of harmful UV radiation in the luminous flux, which also attracts insects in summer.

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